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Good Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring Removalists

26 Jun 2015, Posted by sos in Uncategorized

Moving home or office from one location to another has always been stressful as well as momentous, and so, there are quite a few professional removalists in Hills and other parts of Australia that may offer unprecedented assistance in the move. Since there would be too many options to choose from, it becomes highly imperative to hire a company that is knowledgeable, experienced and well trained in the job. Also, the professional team of removalists should be sensitive to the needs of the client and so, should work accordingly with full dedication and of course, expertise.

The moves may be within the state or interstate. Nearly all leading removalists offer reliable storage services which relieve the client of all the stress of storing their belongings during the long or short term. The foremost thing that you should ask any of the professional storage companies Sydney is its availability on the proposed date of the move. Once the storage company confirms its availability, it is only then that the client may consider other aspects before hiring a company.

However, prior to hiring a removalist, we recommend you ask a few questions to the removalists company in order to choose the most appropriate service:
– Ensure whether the company is licensed or not;
– Ask if they are employing day labour such as contractors or using their own staff;
– Ask them about their minimum charges;
– Ask them about how they charge;
– Ask about various payment options that they have to offer;
– Ask about the initial deposit, if any;
– Ask if the company provides worker’s compensation insurance;
– Ask about their removalists team experience;
– Ask if they provide storage services;
– Ask if they offer free estimate or quote;
– Ask about their storage facilities and how do they propose to protect belongings;
– Ask regarding their cancellation policy;
– Ask how do they propose to move the belongings- do they have their own trucks or are there rentals vans, or trucks to be used;
– Ask about the provisions for protecting and storing fragile belongings;
– Ask about the compensation if any belonging is damaged during the transit;
– Ask about how it claims to be better than other companies;
– Ask about the time since the company has been in operation;
– Ask them about their packing techniques;
– Ask them if they have any changed rates for moving on weekends;

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