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10 Oct 2016, Posted by sos in Uncategorized
SOS removals and storage team busy packing

For many people unpacking is their least favourite part of moving home. And who can blame them especially after carefully packing, you now need to unpack each item and find a place for it in your home.


To help you unpack your furniture move quicker, here are some tips:


Conduct an Inventory Take

It is important to plan your move. Don’t leave it to the last minute to pack. From the time you start to packing, work out what items will be taken with you to the new home. You may wish to donate items to charity, conduct a council clean up or put items into storage. Conducting an inventory check, will help your removalist in determining the time frame it will take to move all items.


Label your boxes

It sounds simple, but many people fail to label their boxes. It is important that you write the items on each box. Also identify boxes that have fragile items such as glass. With items as wine glasses, there could be a clear label to help you identify each box. This will also assist with prioritising boxes that are to be unpacked first.


Put boxes into room names

To help make your move quicker, clearly outline the room names on each box. This will prevent double handling of boxes as well as reduce time and cost with your removal company.


Use Storage

When you move into a new home, you may need to take your time in deciding how your room should look and feel. Rather than place items any where, you may want to consider short term storage. This is relatively low cost way of preventing clutter plus give you more time to time of the space.


If you are finding it difficult to pack and unpack, SOS Removals and Storage provide a service to make it quicker and less stressful. Our complete service from pack, move to unpack (or Store), will see you all items unpacked and stored correctly by our team. It is one service a lot of people don’t think about but it can really save you time.

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