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Why declutter your home?

You’ll probably want the best possible price for your home and a quick sale and that’s where decluttering can assist.

The Buyer’s first impression is critical. Your family home may be adorned with your personal possessions such as photos, mementos from holidays, children’s artwork and toys, favourite colours and unique possessions; this is not the look you want.

A buyer shouldn’t have to look past your possessions to imagine if their family will fit in. You want to create the opposite – a clean simple background without clutter that would suit any buyer. Here are some decluttering tips to help you achieve the best possible price and a quick sale.

1. Enhance street appeal

A fresh coat of paint does wonders. Pressure clean paths, driveways and the garage door. Wash windows and buy a new front door mat. Weed garden beds, prune shrubs/trees, mow the lawn and trim edges. Fertilize lawns the month before.

2. Focus on living areas

You want to create the feeling of space. Show off a feature in this room, whether be the lovely flooring, a piece of furniture or a view. Remove furniture from under windows, beside doorways and away from the traffic areas. Clean up bookshelves and sideboards. Remember less is best. Store cluttered items.

3. Clean and tidy your Kitchen and Linen Closet

Declutter and wipe out cupboards leaving only the essentials. Box up additional items for storage. Prospective buyers will open cupboards. Clean kitchen tiles, windows, taps and oven. Replacing kitchen cupboard handles will do wonders to a tired kitchen for only a small cost.

4. Declutter and style your Bathroom

Remove toiletries from bench tops and shower recess, clean mirrors and glass, remove toilet brushes and cleaning products. Invest in new towels and fold them carefully. Add only a bowl or vase of fresh flowers to the bench top. Replace soaps with fresh soaps.

5. Tidy and declutter your garage

The garage often becomes the dumping ground. Box up items from shelves and bench tops for storage. Dispose of old paint tins & unwanted bits of hardware. Put bikes, camping gear, bar fridge, exercise equipment and seasonal sporting goods into storage.


Our Easy & Affordable Storage Solution

SOS Removals & Storage can assist with your declutter campaign and help you to achieve the best possible price and a quick sale.

Loading a storage module onto an SOS Removals truck

Our professionally trained staff will visit your home and collect your clutter. On arrival we load directly into the modules which are housed in our trucks.

The trucks are driven back to our Thornleigh warehouse where the modules are forklifted from the trucks and placed into a safe and dry environment. Your items for storage are handled once only at onload. This reduces labour charge and risk. Your items are readily available for redelivery with your household removal or at another time convenient to you.

Remember – Decluttering prior to your property sale will make packing up your home a lot easier and more time efficient on removal day.

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