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Our Moving Fleet – Trucks & Utilities

Our fleet consists of modern, well maintained trucks and utilities – which means we don’t break down. Each truck is serviced, washed and detailed to a routine. An SOS driver takes pride in his truck, at the end of each day he completes a ‘truck check’ which ensures that his vehicle is well equipped for the next days’ removal job.

Not every household removal is the same, so our SOS fleet consists of an arrangement of truck and pantech sizes assuring that even the trickiest of access can be catered for.

How our fleet caters for all access;

1. An arrangement of pantech sizes from 20 – 62 cubic metres.
2. Utilities to ferry items between home and truck when access is height, width or weight restricted.
3. Small trucks to cater for unit moves or large homes with tricky access requiring several small trucks at once.
4. Large trucks that take a full house move.
5. Side and rear door access for ease of loading and unloading.
6. Storage trucks with purpose built pantechs for loading household belongings into storage modules onsite.

We take pride in our work and are ready to do more to be of service and meet your individual needs. The owners personally involved in the running of the business ensuring quality, consideration and convenience.