COVID-19 Declaration Form

Dear Customer.

All Australians are dealing with unprecedented circumstances and we all have a responsibility to minimise the risks associated with the current COVID-19 public health emergency. 

Under Work Health and Safety Laws your premises are considered as a workplace and SOS Removals & Storage has a responsibility to ensure our staff have a safe work environment.

We also have a social responsibility to consider our customers’ wellbeing.

Due to this, we have adopted internal policies and procedures to reduce risk to our customers and employees.

To assist, we ask that you complete the following information and electronically submit this form after reading and accepting the declaration.

Please see the Privacy Collection Notice on the reverse/below of this form that explains how we will manage the collection of this information.

Please do not provide us with any specifics/names of residents or other identifying information that would link the answers below to a specific individual. 

We thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Declaration - please complete all fields


SOS Removal Man Pty Ltd ACN 80 104 720 505 trading as SOS Removals & Storage and Smith Owens Service is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information, including sensitive information.  The collection, use and disclosure of personal information is regulated by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). You can access our full privacy policy on our website at  Our privacy policy contains information about how you can access and correct any information about you that we hold and how you can make a complaint about the handling of personal information.

By filling out the form above, you are consenting to providing SOS Removal Man Pty Ltd with information that may be ‘sensitive information’, a category of personal information under the Privacy Act. This information is currently being collected for the purpose of ensuring the safety of SOS Removal Man Pty Ltd’s employees, contractors and other members of the community by minimising the transmission of the COVID19 virus. The information will be used to assist SOS Removal Man Pty Ltd to determine whether its staff and contractors can safely carry out the removal of your furniture and to ensure that preventative and protective measures are taken when necessary. We do not require you to provide the names or any other identifying information of any of the people who reside with you or with whom you have had physical contact.

The information is collected for SOS Removal Man Pty Ltd’s internal decision-making and planning purposes only and will not be disclosed, other than to senior management of SOS Removal Man Pty Ltd or where required by law. SOS Removal Man Pty Ltd’s records of the information will be kept on a secure server only accessible by senior management of SOS Removal Man Pty  Ltd and will be destroyed/deleted once the Australian government advises that the existence and transmission of COVID 19 is no longer a public health emergency.

You do not have to provide us with the information sought in this form. However, if this information is not provided, SOS Removal Man Pty Ltd may need to cancel or reschedule the services booked by you.