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FROM $3.50 + GST

Per Day

  • $100,000 - ADD $3.50 p/day + GST

  • $150,000 - ADD $5.25 p/day + GST

  • $200,000 - ADD $7.00 p/day + GST


All About Insurance

There are many circumstances for which we, as your removalist, may not be liable to make good any loss or damage to your goods. Despite all the care and expertise in the world, accidents can still sometimes happen.

As Authorised Representatives of Cowden (VIC) Pty Ltd holds Australian Financial Services License number 245658, we can arrange customer insurance for your goods while they are in transit and/or storage.

For domestic  moves, as moving home is a personal journey reading the domestic Product Disclosure Statement and the Domestic PDS Supplementary on insurance will help you make an informed choice about insuring your goods. The domestic Product Disclosure Statement summarises what the policy covers, the various cover options available to you and what it does not cover.

For commercial moves,  moving commercially is also a journey and reading the commercial Product Disclosure Statement on insurance will help you make informed choice about insuring your goods. The commercial Product Disclosure Statement summarises what the policy covers, the various cover options available to you and what it does not cover.

If you need advice or your insurance needs are different from the cover available in the policy, we can refer you to our authorising broker, Cowden who will be able to assist you. Contact them on 03 9686 6500. This is set out in the Financial Services Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions and General Advice can be found in the FAQ’s.

How much will insurance cost me? This is based on;

  1. The declared value of your furniture and items
  2. The excess you choose - $500 or $750.
  3. Whether your move is within NSW/ACT or INTERSTATE

About our Moving & Storage Insurance Options

Whilst SOS Removals and Storage take all care and precaution when packing, moving and storing you're items, we do recommend that you insure your Goods in transit, in storage, or both.

On a more practical level, regardless of any general contractual rights, there are circumstances where any Removal Company cannot be held liable for making good loss or damage to your Goods, for example where the Goods are damaged as a result of an accident that is not the Removal Company's fault.

You should also consider that:

  • Despite the shortness of a journey where an accident involving the truck is unlikely, many other risks remain. Everyone generally has insurance for the contents of their homes. It’s important to bear in mind the fact that your goods are exposed to a much higher risk while they are being moved than when they are sitting in your home, so adequate insurance cover during the transit is very important.

  • If a loss occurs and insurance is not taken, the removal company is put into a position where liability is denied. There is a general expectation that the removal company must pay for damage that occurs during a removal, but there are many circumstances where we, as your remover, may not be liable to make good any loss or damage to your goods.

  • Household insurance policies generally do not provide Full Cover during a move.

Any extension of a Household insurance policy during transit is generally limited to Restricted Cover only. If your insurance company tells you that your goods are covered while you’re moving, get evidence of the extent of cover in writing.

Without knowing your circumstances, we generally recommend that customers take out Full Cover and insure their goods for Replacement Cost. This means that you have the broadest coverage against the risks of loss or damage and you would receive new for old in most circumstances.

Insurance is generally not included in the cost of your removal. A figure of how much the premium will be, based on the value of your goods is included in the quote we give you.

The information given below is only general advice and does not take into consideration your individual situation. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement carefully before you decide whether to take out Customer Goods in Transit and Storage insurance and choose from the various options available. It is up to you to make sure the cover you choose suits your needs.

View Financial Services Guide (FSG) & Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for both domestic and commercial

Our Insurance PDS and current schedule of rates can be found at the links below (these links will open a .pdf document):


Domestic PDS(domestic moves)

Commercial PDS(commercial moves)

Click on the link for some "Frequently Asked Questions"


Schedule of Rates for your information

Schedule of Rates

Complete an Insurance Declaration

We offer an online insurance declaration form which automatically adapts based on the number and types of rooms in your property and then automatically calculates your insured value. This helps to minimise mistakes and ensure that you only need to complete the applicable sections of the form.

You can access the "Customised Declaration Insurance Form"  page here.

You can access the "EASY QUOTE" insurance form page here

How we offer insurance

SOS Removal Man Pty Ltd is an authorised representative of Cowden (VIC) Pty Ltd which holds Australian Financial Services Licence No 245658.

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