Moving hints, tips and "how to's"

We've compiled a number of moving hints, tips and "how to's" from our YouTube channel covering everything from how to get ready for the removals on moving day to how to pack properly.

Please contact us if you still have questions after viewing these informative videos and also check out the rest of our site for further hints, tips and information to make your move a stress free experience.

If you're moving house, learning how to pack your belongings properly will help to save money and avoid breakage. In this video, Bryan explains how to make sure your packing is done properly.
In this video Jo provides some pre-moving tips to help you reduce your moving costs and to be prepared for moving day.
Bryan explains why using the right packing materials and products when moving house can help to reduce breakage hassles and disappointment. It only takes 2 min to learn how to pack correctly!
There is a trick to moving your refrigerator and making sure all your food makes it from one house to the next still fresh. In this video, Jo from SOS Removals explains how and when to pack a fridge for moving day.
Here Bryan explains how SOS Removals & Storage's modular storage containers - which are delivered to your home before moving day - are a great way to save money when relocating.
If you are relocating to an apartment building or unit complex, there will be rules and regulations for the building's Strata and other things you need to know before you start. If you're moving into an apartment or unit complex, this video provides further info.