Risks Coverage

The following is an extract from "Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)"

Risks Covered

Where the customer has requested the removal company to insure the customer’s goods, depending on the risks and period of cover and basis of settlement selected by the customer and shown in the certificate of insurance, this policy insures the customer’s goods as set out below:

Full Cover

Full Cover insures loss or damage to the insured goods during transit from any external cause including accidental damage during packing, loading and unloading by the removal company or its representatives. However, regardless of which cover the customer selects, goods packed by the customer are insured only for restricted cover.

Restricted Cover

Restricted Cover insures loss or damage to the customer’s goods during transit resulting from:

  • fire and explosion;

  • lightning, flood;

  • overturning and/or derailment of conveyance;

  • collision of vessel, aircraft or conveyance;

  • crashing or forced landing of aircraft; stranding, sinking, or

    contact of vessel with any external object other than water;

  • entry of water into any vessel, hold, container liftvan or place

    of storage;

  • discharge of goods at a port of distress;

  • jettison of goods from a vessel;

  • theft, pilferage or non delivery of an entire package or item.

Storage Only Cover

Storage Only Cover insures loss or damage to the customer’s goods during storage resulting from:

  • Fire,
  • lightning;
  • Aircraft;
  • Earthquake;
  • Storm and tempest, flood, water from fixed pipes or systems;
  • Riots, strikes and civil commotion;
  • Explosion and impact damage.
  • Additional Risks Covered

In addition to the risks set out above, this policy insures the customer’s goods for loss or damage caused by or as a result of:

  • war (sea and air transit risks) and strikes, riots and civil

    commotions in the terms of Institute of London Underwriters’

    Clauses current at the time of shipment; and

  • General Average and Salvage Charges adjusted or

    determined according to the removal contract and/or the governing law and practice, which are incurred to avoid or in connection with the avoidance of loss from any cause other than those excluded elsewhere in the policy.

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